Our passion is for helping people pursue the better lives they desire. We’re grateful when clients tell us of their success. Here are a few:

  • “Thanks so much for connecting in such a great way with my daughter today, you were amazing and she is thinking about things in a whole new way- means the world to me.” (Adam Friedman, PHD)   
  • “You were the only person to get through to me during my darkest hour, and I’m sure it wasn’t easy. I will always be grateful for your dedication, kindness, and understanding.” (M.A.)
  • “I saved you a thought during my crazy wedding season, to remember how far I’ve come and how large of a part you played.  Thank you for all the tough love, direction, guidance and advice and mostly for not giving up on me, or into me when I would push back at you.  Thank you again for being amazingly you.” (J.G.)
  • “Lisa, Thank you so much for sending Adam Lax our way today. It was truly a joy to have him in class today. He did such a great job stimulating an atmosphere for us to motivate our students to see the value in addressing nutritional concerns with our patients. I look forward to touching base with you further as I decide on the approach for ED awareness on our campus and with our future healthcare providers (nursing, pharmacy, psychology, mental health counseling, & sports medicine). Thank you for all you and your colleagues do, we truly value your role on the sports medicine team and how much you make a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis.” (C.T., Palm Beach Atlantic University)
  • “Within days of my research, I was told that you were the only person I should call because you were the BEST! You gave me honest reality and most importantly hope. Hope that although the road ahead was going to be bumpy and full of obstacles, it would also be filled with progress and celebrations.” (E.L.)
  • “I am down 15 pounds on a very casual, inconsistent diet. Now I will intensify my compliance and lose another 15 pounds. Guiding the general diet to be so flexible & not drastic, makes this lifestyle change easy. If you need someone to sing your praises do not hesitate to call on me.” (M.E.)
  • “You have become a true comrade, and someone I felt extremely comfortable with. I am stronger and more focused because of your compassion, your insight, your education, and sometimes a swift kick in the butt.”  (S.D.)
  • “Thank you for taking the time to give me insight and tools.  You are so smart and relatable and real and cool and together and from what I experienced yesterday, great at what you do.  Love you.”
  • It was one of the most valuable meetings I have had in a very long time.  As I mentioned, the doctors gave me nothing but a diagnosis (and I had to beg for that).  You were a huge help.  I have already visited most of the websites you suggested, ordered the cards and toaster bag, purchased the flaxseed, l-glutamine, prebiotics/probiotics, zinc, and researched all of my make-up items.  Your time was certainly worth the fee.”  (I)
  • “Thank you Lisa, you have helped me more than you will ever know.”  (A.H.)
  • “I appreciate you so much for all your contributions and mindful support.  You are very wonderful at what you do and how you present it to me.  You are a precious, graceful, and loving person who shines in my life.  Thank you for all you do!”  (V.B.)
  • “I want to thank you for a productive and informative session.  The material you provided is very helpful.  I am confident and excited that you have the right formula for me to achieve my goals in staying healthy, controlling my weight and being energetic.”  (S.G.)
  • “I knew I wouldn’t go wrong with whoever or whatever you recommended. You’re the best. You are totally amazing at what you do and you understood me right away. I bless you all the time. You really care about your patients.”  (E.H.)
  • “You were a great help to both of us.  D really looked forward to his sessions with you and because your explanation on how to eat was so fitting and practical, he was able to follow the plan with ease. We thank you so much.”  (D.G.)
  • “It was one of the most valuable meetings I have had in a very long time. As I mentioned, the doctors gave me nothing but a diagnosis (and I had to beg for that). You were a huge help, I have already visited most of the websites you suggested, ordered the cards and toaster bag, purchased the flaxseed, l-glutamine, prebiotics/probiotics, zinc and researched all of my make-up items. Your time was certainly worth the fee. Thank you, I’m sure I’ll be in touch.” (I.S.)
  • “Thank you as always for all of your love and support, which has been very comforting for me during this “crisis.” Honestly, I can’t think of a person I’d more like to share my first panic attack with than you.”. (A.G.)
  • “Thank you, Lisa, for helping to lay the foundation that has allowed me to celebrate one year of healthy living. I couldn’t have done it without you, and I will always be grateful.” (J.D.)
  • “The conversation was very pleasant and my child felt very at ease! Thank you!” (H.D.)
  • “It’s such a pleasure to see such a “sagacious” nutritionist. I truly learned so much and I’m looking forward to more of your expertise!” (B.L.)
  • “I just want you to know you have helped us through the most difficult of times with your warmth, grace, knowledge, and good sense of humor. You are amazing at what you do! And on top of that, you area beautiful person with a heart of gold!” (C.B)
  • “I learned so very much from you. Thanks so much for your patience, kindness, and sweet attitude.” (M.S.)
  • “I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help you provided during my treatment. Anorexia was, without a doubt, the most difficult experience I had ever gone through in my entire life. But with your guidance, I was able to overcome it. Without you, who knows where I would be today?” (A.I.)
  • “It was your kind and caring manner that kept me coming back, never mind your insightful approach. If there were just a few other words to describe you, as I know you to be, loving, heartfelt, and genuine come to mind when I think of the way you’ve always been with me.” (D.G.)
  • “Thank you again.  You addressed all of our concerns.  J feels much more confident now.”  (L)
  • “I really enjoyed your input- your style and approach to private practice/ client interaction is very similar to what I envision for myself.  One of Adam’s tips was to get a role model/inspiration.  I definitely think you are mine :).”  (M.R.)
  • “I really enjoyed listening to you speak.  Adam has always spoken so highly of you and I can see why.”  (L.S.)
  • “Your lecture was really great and the two day seminar really motivated me to do my own thing.”  (S.R.)

These kinds of successes await you and Lisa is ready to help! Contact her by clicking here.