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Healthy eating habits begin with Lisa Delaney, RD MS LD/N
By Lynn Carroll
March 22-28, 2006

Promoting good eating habits is an important part of helping a child get a good start in life. This summer, Lisa Delaney, RD MS LD/N, a registered dietitian and licensed nutritionist, will do just that for kids attending her Fun ‘n Fit Camp, scheduled for May 30th through June 9th at Jacc’d Up Sports Center with Coach Andy Degan, camp director of Daytrippers.

“It’s about getting utter and stronger and integrating good eating habits long-term, not just in camp,” Delaney says. Half-day and full-day programs target ages 5-13 with a multidisciplinary staff, including a trainer, nutritionist and licensed therapist. Whole Foods will cater healthy lunches.

Healthwise isn’t limited to helping kids. Delaney, who has been counseling individuals and families in the Aventura area for seven years, customizes her approach to meet each client’s needs. Nutritional counseling doesn’t have to be just about weight issues, she says.

Among the disorders she has successfully worked with are anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and yo-yo dieting. Healthwise clients include persons with chronic diseases that can strike at any age, such as Colitis, Diabetes, high cholesterol, Celiac Disease, Crohn’s Disease, hypertension and food allergies. Even women trying to get pregnant can find her advice useful.

“I work with a client’s referral source,” Delaney says, “whether they’re therapists or physicians. With my dedication and passion for what I do, I turn out pretty successful results.”

The bottom line, Delaney says, is that no two bodies are exactly alike.

“Ours is a non-diet approach,” she says. “We emphasize practical and realistic ways to deal with a situation. Basically we’re all about finding a balance in your eating habits by understanding how your body works.”

For example, Delaney says many people are externally driven about when and what they eat. “We eat because the clock says it’s time for lunch, whether we’re hungry or not, she says. “Then there’s situational eating, such as popcorn at the movies or peanuts at the baseball game. We don’t always eat based on how hungry we are.”

Delaney offers family, personal and group counseling. To get the job done, she says, she may even accompany a client to the supermarket or eat meals with them.

“At times,” she says, “I literally go through the supermarket aisles with them to fill their pantries.”

The object is to teach a client how to identify products with the best nutritional content. Healthwise, Delaney emphasizes, doesn’t label foods as good or bad, healthy or unhealthy.

“I truly believe in balance,” she says. “I can teach clients how to make meaningful food choices.”

Delaney, who earned her undergraduate degree in exercise physiology before getting a master’s in nutrition from New York University, has 18 years experience in nutritional counseling. Healthwise, which also has offices in Boca Raton and Juno Beach, conducts seminars, lectures and in-school education.

​Delaney is available for counseling Monday through Saturday. Call (786) 543-1044 for an appointment.

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