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Diet Thinking Vs Non diet thinking

Issue Diet Thinking Non Diet Thinking
 Progress Any weight loss Confidence in the ability to make choices for better
Self Acceptance Only after weight loss
Starts the natural
self-nurturing cycle
Success Goal Weight Energetic daily living;
Increased self esteem
Exercise No pain, no gain Get connected with body,
Have fun and more energy
Food Food is the energy; Deprivation is stressed
Got to have willpower
to resist
Food is the friend; no power
struggle, celebrate; enjoy; taste; savor  
Language Should I have it? Do I want it?
Thinking All or nothing “I can have it if I really want it”
Choice None; Diet in control No loss of choice, Person decides what and when to eat    
Attitude Perfectionist Flexible
Hunger Out of touch with the body Totally in touch with body’s
internal cues